Geometric Pattern Use in Art

When creating an art piece, the final look is the important factor for the artist. The medium is chosen as a base to create. Each artist has their own preferred medium to use. There are painters who prefer canvas and potters who create with clay. These mediums are convenient for the artist to use and create their products. Each is designed to catch the eye and represent the artist’s internal vision. The piece must be able to hold the vision and project it into the world for viewers to see.

Patterns are used by artists for many reasons. Sometimes patterns are an emphasis of an idea or concept. Repeated use of the same element can also be used as an identifying factor. Overall patterns can create a sense of harmony in art pieces. These are just a few of the reasons artists create pieces that contain patterns. Each artist has their own reasons to include this type of visual cue in their work. If the work is a success and enjoyed by many people, then the use of a pattern means the artist’s vision was complete.

There are artists who use a particular pattern in every work they create. It may not always look the same, but the basis of the pattern is there. Artists who work closely with nature may include a pattern of leaves on every piece of pottery they make. A grouping of fish or birds might be another pattern for an artist to include. This identifies the body of work created by an individual artist. Geometric patterns have long been part of the identification process for cultural pottery. This is simply a continuation of an established practice in the world of art.

Enjoying art today does not always mean purchasing a painting or ceramic piece. The use of glass decals or glass transfers has become a popular way to recreate an art piece on plates and glasses. It allows the artist to share their works with more people. It also allows those who love art an avenue to enjoy it on a daily basis without the expense of purchasing original art.