Unique Creators of Visual Art

Loss of hearing is a major blow to many people. It stops their enjoyment of the world around them. They are cut off from one of the five senses and the impact is noticeable. There are now many ways in which hearing loss can be remedied, but the costs can be too much for the average person. Cochlear implants for those with complete hearing loss require surgery. Digital hearing aids enhance spoken words and dampen interference from background noises. Each of these is an expensive way to recover hearing.

For people who do not have the means to afford expensive alternatives, this does not preclude them from experiencing the world of art. Creativity in art is dependent on hearing only where music is concerned. Even then there are instances where hearing has not been a factor. Beethoven was completely deaf even as he continued to write some of the most beautiful music the world has ever known.

Visual arts offer those with hearing difficulties a way to experience the world and share their creative side. These types of art are seen and require only eyesight to be created and shared. People who enjoy them do not ask about the physical infirmities of the artist. Instead, they want to know how the person came up with the idea to create a piece. Viewers focus on the creative aspect before them, not on the person who thought of it.

It is often difficult for those with a hearing issue to interact with the world on a daily basis. Much of the world is visual as well as aural. Learning to fit into the world is not always easy. Experiencing art as a creative force takes away the need to fit in and allows creativity as a focus for the artist. It changes the world outlook for the artist and their audiences.